Procedural Building Generator 1.3 | Blender 3.2+ Geometry Nodes

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NEW: Procedural Building Generator 2 out now!

This tool converts your meshes into buildings!

With it, you can create a finished building ready for rendering in minutes, if not seconds.

Model a simple house shape with this geometry node group active and it will interactively generate a building from the settings you choose. Use one of the 5 asset packs included or create your own.

Included styles:

  • Makeshift building style (similar to Kowloon Walled City)
  • Wooden style
  • Half-timbered (European) style
  • Swedish cottage style
  • Pueblo architecture style

...with more planned.

There is also a range of different settings for you to fine-tune the specific style you are after. You can make the walls more random, toggle support beams in the corners, select paint color for different elements and much more.

Easy setup

The .blend file is already setup for use with Blender's asset library. That means you only need to drag and drop the building styles and the templates into a new .blend file, and you're ready to start creating buildings.

Turn any mesh into a building

This generator works on meshes, meaning that you can take a pre-existing mesh and turn it into a building. Make sure to use meshes that are low poly, or remesh them.


Read the documentation here.

The workflow is really simple: Edit the mesh, and the building is generated in realtime

Scene made using only the procedural building generator, took roughly 30 minutes to setup

Using the Procedural Building Generator, this scene took about 10 minutes to set up

Some of the node networks behind this generator

Also check out Buildify by Pavel Oliva. It has a different use case, focused more towards generating cities. Disclaimer: I developed my generator completely unaware of Buildify.


Buildings created using this addon are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

You may not redistribute the geometry node group itself, for free or commercially.

I want this!

A .blend file with a Geometry Node group to generate buildings from meshes, including 5 building asset packs.



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Procedural Building Generator 1.3 | Blender 3.2+ Geometry Nodes

34 ratings
I want this!